Ultimate Jigging 45mm Reel Knob

This Ultimate Jigging 45mm Reel Knob is precisely made; no play (only 0.01mm). When you install it, you must make sure every part is align and clean, then follow the diagram paper and instruction that come with the Knob to install it.


This 45mm Reel Knob can be directly assembled on most of Shimano and Daiwa Reels list as below (some may need extra bearings):

  • Daiwa Saltiga/Saltist Z4000~6500 or any size 20-50 conventional reel. Saltiga Japan-Z 20~50 or on Daiwa JAPAN Catalog with Label “L” as Catalina, Phantom J, Comcast, Surf Basia 45QD, Seaborg. (D Kit)
  • "Old" Shimano Ocea Jigger 4000~5000P, 2004 SW Stella 10000~20000, Saragosa 14000-18000, Stella 5000-2000FA. (NS kit)
  • Shimano New Trinidad 8-30, Japan Ocea Jigger 1000~4000, Saragosa 18000, Tranx. (NS Kit)
  • 2008 and newer model Shimano SW New Stella; Twinpower 4000~20000 (NS Kit).
  • Shimano new Talica Reels from 8-25. (NS Kit)


  • Brand: Ultimate Jigging
  • Length:62 mm. Dia: 45mm. Weight: 46g/1.6oz.
  • Each 45mm Knob Package includes: one 45mm Knob, the Instruction Paper and 3 Kits (NS, S and D). 
  • Available Colors:Black/Gold. Blue/Silver. Gold/Silver. Gunmetal/Gold. Gunmetal/Silver. Pale-Gold/Silver. Red/Silver. Silver/Gold. (For your prefer, you can choose "Silver" cup for the 45mm Reel Knob)